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Monthly Archives: February 2012


our cooking class are surrounded by lively organic plants.

we didn’t make “organic”,

it has just been there.

we have durian, cacao, jack fruits and lambutan and more…

last time when we back to the village , there were a lot of durian at the house

so we tasted one of them as soon as we arrived because we couldn’t wait!

it was so greaaaat! far too delicious!!

and also now lambutan is on season.

we grab them from the tree and had fresh lambutan!

can you see me in the middle climing the tree to grab rambutan!

we serve them to our class guests too.

seeing grow up plants and tasting directly that’s makes me more concious

about nature enviroments.

we have to stop destroy this wonderful planet.

today’s guests

last Sunday we had guests from Japan for our “green kitchen” in Sidemen.

It was a perfect day for visit Sidemen.

with clear wide sky and rich green mountain and rice field view

we really enjoyed this wonderful day…

walking in the rice field and vegetable gardens…

here, we cook togherther

little break with relax sound of rindik

today’s menu was Non Vegetarian

swim in the river at the end. ( this is a optional menu)

locals have shower and do the laundry here everyday,

and they really love it!

It was a great day for us to be able to see the visitors

smiling. laughing… looked so happy to be here.

thank you so much…


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